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Increased Fuel Economy

Increase Fuel Economy

Maximum Miles Per Gallon
AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils' low coefficient of friction reduces friction-related energy loss, which increases fuel economy. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency's(EPA) Federal Test Procedure (FTP) confirms a 1.6 percent increase in fuel economy at a mix of 55/45 city/highway driving when using AMSOIL Premium 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil in place of conventional 15W-40 diesel oils. Many AMSOIL users report even greater improvements. The result directly reduces fuel costs.

Extended Drain Intervals*
AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils neutralize acids, resist heat and control soot longer than conventional oils. Their premium synthetic chemistries allow motorists to safely extend drain intervals up to three times longer than OEM recommendations, saving money and time. Extended-drain savings can mount further when by-pass filtration and oil analysis are used.

When combining fuel savings and extended-drain savings, AMSOIL provides diesel owners a significant overall annual cost reduction.

$174.17 annual savings per vehicle **

*AMSOIL has documented high fuel dilution in 2007-present light-duty diesel pickups (Dodge, Ford, and GM/GMC LMM) equipped with diesel particulate filters. In these specific applications, AMSOIL recommends following the manufacturer-recommended drain interval. Oil drain intervals can be extended further with oil analysis.

**Examples only. Based on December 2013 figures and average U.S. on-highway diesel fuel price. Prices subject to change.

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