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Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil versus Conventional

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Synthetic vs. Conventional

AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils are formulated to outperform conventional diesel oils, helping your diesel run better and last longer.

Maximum MPG

Conventional oils contain irregularly shaped molecules that don’t slide across one another as easily as uniformly shaped molecules. AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils, on the other hand, are comprised of chemically engineered molecules of uniform shape and size. Their smooth, uniform lubricating molecules slip easily across one another, helping to reduce energy lost to friction for maximum fuel economy.

Less Oil Consumption

Oil consumption is directly tied to a lubricant’s evaporative loss, or volatility. The more volatile a lubricant, the lower the temperature at which it begins to evaporate. The light molecules in conventional diesel oils evaporate at lower temperatures compared to AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils, leading to excess oil consumption.

Volatile conventional oils not only require you to frequently top off the oil, they can lead to reduced fuel economy, poor cold-temperature starting and increased engine deposits. AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils resist oil consumption.

Advanced Soot Control

The synthetic base oils in AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils are naturally resistant to soot contamination. In addition, a heavy fortification of detergent/dispersant additives helps keep soot particles from agglomerating into larger, wear-causing particles, helping minimize viscosity increase and soot-related wear.

Superior Viscosity Retention

Hard-working turbocharged diesels can literally tear motor oil apart. Elevated heat and shearing forces can thin the oil until it falls out of its intended viscosity grade and fails to provide adequate protection, leaving components susceptible to wear and failure. AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils are formulated with durable synthetic base oils and high-quality additives that resist viscosity loss due to mechanical shear, keeping your engine protected in severe service.

Easier Cold Starts

Conventional oils contain paraffin (wax) that solidifies in sub-zero temperatures. On cold mornings, conventional oils can thicken enough to prevent the engine from turning over and starting. AMSOIL diesel oils’ synthetic formulations have low pour points and do not contain wax, helping them remain fluid when the mercury plummets. As a result, your diesel starts easier in the cold and the oil flows readily to components, helping reduce wear.

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