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AMSOIL Testimonial

Preferred Customer Baxter (Dale) Rogers of Heyworth, Ill. saved himself the cost of a new transmission by using AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Rogers owns a 2004 Saturn Vue that sat idle for several months last year. When he began driving it again, he noticed a fluctuation in the rpm at lower speeds.

He took the vehicle to a Chevy dealership, where he was told he needed a new transmission. "The cost would have been around $2,800," Rogers said. "I went for a second opinion at a transmission shop, and they told me the same thing except I also needed a torque converter, which would be an additional $500 to $800."

A third opinion, from a friend who does Rogers’ automotive work, was that the fluid needed changing. The Vue has a Honda transmission. The mechanic checked with a Honda representative, who recommended Honda transmission fluid or AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid, Rogers said.

"I told my friend I would get the fluid because I am an AMSOIL Preferred Customer. I bought the AMSOIL Multi-Vehicle Transmission Fluid and he installed it," Rogers said. "I have saved so much

money using AMSOIL products, I am overwhelmed."

Trouble-Free Performance

"The Vue now has more than 124,000 miles and is running fine," Rogers said. "AMSOIL ATF saved the day and saved me more than $2,700. AMSOIL products are great. I’m a happy customer and enjoy reading the Magazine to keep up-to-date on AMSOIL products and the company."

Rogers installed AMSOIL lubricants in his other vehicles, as well.

"I’ve been a Preferred Customer for about two years now, and I have three of my vehicles using AMSOIL products," he said. "They run so much better and cooler than I could have believed."

In addition to the Saturn Vue, Rogers owns a 2010 Dodge Caravan and a motorhome. He uses AMSOIL synthetic motor oil along with AMSOIL ATF in those vehicles.

"When I go to Texas for the winter in my motorhome, and flat tow my Vue, I have no worry about the proper lubrication of my engines."

ATF blottles

AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

  • Outperforms conventional automatic transmission fluids
  • Exceeds performance requirements of most North American, European and Asian vehicles
  • Provides outstanding wear protection in temperature extremes