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Truck Loses Oil But Doesn't Need A Rebuild


California Dealer Jerry and Marion Kinyons commercial account customer Hans Rishell, a self employed heavy equipment operator, has a great story to share.

Jerry convinced Hans to try AMSOIL in his 1994 UD 1800 Nissan truck. During December of 1999, Hans was working at a job site 31 miles from his home. He would start each day by letting his truck run for a few minutes and then driving back to the job site. Upon returning to the site, Hans noticed a group of people standing around a pool of oil in the parking lot. The group was speculating as to who had lost their oil. Hans said his truck was running fine and went to work.

Later that day Hans decided to check his oil because no one had identified the vehicle that was leaking. When he checked his dip stick it came out dry. He added 4 gallons of oil on the site, the exact amount needed for an average oil and filter change. Hans decided that the sump and filters must have been dry. Through a more thorough inspection, Hans found that his vehicle had a broken sending unit which failed to light his oil warning indicator. Hans retraced his drive and found that an oil trail could be seen for approximately 7 miles. When he returned to his home Hans found only several small spots of oil in his driveway. This lead him to conclude his vehicle had been out of oil for nearly 24 miles on the way home the previous night, and had warmed up and returned 31 miles to the job site that day without any oil in the sump! His expensive engine had been running normally all morning, so Hans had no reason to suspect he had lost all of his oil the night before.

It would have cost Hans $9,000 to $12,000 to rebuild his engine," Jerry said. He asked me if I believed AMSOIL saved his engine, and I told him yes, I believe it did!