Commercial Account Application

Commercial accounts are businesses or governmental entities that purchase AMSOIL products for vehicles and equipment used exclusively for business purposes. Commercial accounts cannot resell AMSOIL products. Examples of qualifying business include but are not limited to:

  • Landscapers, golf courses, cemeteries, parks & recreation departments
  • Over-the-road, owner-operator, taxi cab, local delivery and other fleets
  • Road construction, earth moving, mining, excavating and similar companies
  • Plumbing, electrical, residential and commercial contractors
  • Farms, ranches and other agriculture related businesses

Professionals and other businesses that use vehicles and equipment for personal and business use qualify for the Preferred Customer Program, which offers many of the same benefits. Click here for details.

Commercial accounts buy AMSOIL products at wholesale prices and may also qualify for other discounts and special freight terms.

Note: This application will not immediately result in an AMSOIL Commercial Account. New requests will be processed for businesses that can be substantiated by internet and industry research.

Fill out and submit the following information. An AMSOIL account representative will contact you within two business days.


  1. Non-Resale Agreement: The products purchased from AMSOIL through this account will not be for the purpose of resale or redistribution in any form.
  2. I affirm that I am authorized by the above-named business to establish an account for the purpose of purchasing AMSOIL products.
Required Field