Earn Money Selling AMSOIL Products

There are no inventory requirements or sales minimums to be a Dealer. You can put in a few hours on the side or build it into something more.


Earn Money Selling AMSOIL Products

There are no inventory requirements or sales minimums to be a Dealer. You can put in a few hours on the side or build it into something more.


Earn Money Selling AMSOIL Products

Building a successful AMSOIL Dealership takes skill, time and hard work. There is no assurance or guarantee as to your profitability or success. Money is earned for selling products. The more you sell, the more you may earn. Your success is in your own hands. Here’s how it works:

AMSOIL pays Dealers based on their total monthly team sales


according to the Profit Tier Schedule. Each AMSOIL product has assigned profit values. You earn Tier 1 profits for total monthly sales up to $1,499 (U.S. wholesale value of products sold). If you sell $1,500 in a month, you qualify for Tier 2 profits on the products you sold. If you sell $3,000 in a month you earn Tier 3 profits, and if you sell $5,000 or more in a month, you qualify for Tier 4 profits on those products.

The calculator below shows you what you can earn in exchange for putting hard work into your Dealership and successfully selling AMSOIL products. Select a product from the dropdown menu, enter a quantity and we’ll show you what your earnings would be. Which products do you think you’ll sell most? How much do you think you can sell in a month? This calculator shows you what you could experience if you build a successful Dealership over time.

AMSOIL income disclosure statement.

*You can help others start their own AMSOIL Dealership and build a Dealer team. Click here for full details on this and all other aspects of earning money with AMSOIL.

Profit Tier Min. Total Monthly Team Sales
Tier 1 -
Tier 2 $1,500
Tier 3 $3,000
Tier 4 $5,000
  • Minimum $500 personal sales required to qualify for Tier 2, 3 or 4 profits.
  • Must be Customer Certified to earn Tier 4 profits.
Calculator used to calculate potential monthly earnings

Calculate Potential Monthly Earnings

Product Description, Units and Quantity

AMSOIL Assigns Buying Customers, You Earn the Commissions

Thousands of people visit AMSOIL.com and AMSOIL.ca every day, and many of them make a purchase during their visit. New customers who purchase from AMSOIL.com/AMSOIL.ca and who do not already have a servicing Dealer are assigned to a Dealer. Dealers who receive assigned customers from AMSOIL also receive all the commissions those customers generate with their purchases. You can qualify to receive assigned customers by becoming Customer Certified.

Becoming Customer Certified requires two steps:

  1. Complete Customer Basic Training in the AMSOIL Dealer Zone. This video-based course takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Download the AMSOIL Dealers app and complete the training on your mobile device on your own time.
  2. Meet the activity requirements. In your first two years as an AMSOIL Dealer, you need to register two new qualified customers* annually to qualify. After that, you must register four qualified customers annually to maintain your certification.
# Qualified Customers Past 12 Mos. # Changes to Receive Assigned CustomersProbable # Customers Assigned Annually
Customer Certified 1 15-18
12 2 30-36
20 3 45-54
28 4 60-72
36 5 75-90

Do More, Get More

The more new qualified customers you bring in, the more opportunities you’ll have to receive assigned customers from AMSOIL. All Customer Certified AMSOIL Dealers have at least one entry in the customer-assignment pool. When a new customer comes in, he or she is assigned to a Dealer randomly selected from the pool. If you bring in 12 new qualified customers, we’ll give you another entry in the pool. You keep bringing in new qualified customers, we’ll keep giving you more chances to receive additional assigned customers and all the commissions they generate. We call it the assigned-customer multiplier. The chart at left shows what Customer Certified Dealers can expect.

*A qualified new customer is an AMSOIL Preferred Customer, retail account, commercial account or sponsored Dealer who purchases at least $100 in AMSOIL products (U.S. wholesale value) within 12 months of registering.

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