AMSOIL Championship Off-Road Series Kicks Off June 5-6

COR Series Begins June 5-6

The 2021 AMSOIL Championship Off-Road season begins June 5-6 in Antigo, Wis. AMSOIL is Official Oil and Title Sponsor of the series, which features six stops on the schedule this summer.

“We’re excited to help bring off-road, short-course racing to fans in the Midwest,” said Integrated Marketing Director Holly Dill. “This promises to be a thrilling series with the sport’s top drivers, like our own Bryce Menzies, along with Kyle LeDuc, Johnny Greaves and more.”

Several classes, including Pro 4x4 and Pro 2, will compete on the best short-course tracks in the region, including Bark River International Raceway in Bark River, Mich., and the famed Big House in Crandon, Wis. View the complete schedule below.

Racing has been part of our history since our earliest days. We test and validate AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in the toughest conditions, and it doesn’t get much more demanding than a 900-horsepower Pro 4x4 racing truck. These powerful engines can easily surpass 300°F (149°C), which is far hotter than the typical passenger car or light truck. Heat like that can cause other oils to chemically break down, form deposits and fail to provide adequate wear protection.

The data we obtain from AMSOIL-sponsored drivers like Bryce Menzies and Brad Lovell helps us craft the best synthetic lubricants on the market so enthusiasts can provide their vehicles the best protection.

Unlike other oil companies, the same AMSOIL synthetic lubricants professional racers use in their vehicles are available to you.

Follow AMSOIL Championship Off-Road all season long at, where you can watch the livestream of every race.

2021 AMSOIL Championship Off-Road Schedule

June 5-6

Antigo Lions Roaring Raceway

Antigo, Wis.

June 26-27

Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run

Crandon, Wis.

July 9-10

ERX Off-Road National

Elk River, Minn.

July 31 – Aug. 1

Dirt City Motorplex Off-Road National

Lena, Wis.

Aug. 14-15

Island Resort and Casino Off-Road Rumble in the U.P.

Bark River, Mich.

Sept. 3-4

World Championship Off-Road Races

Crandon, Wis.


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