AMSOIL ATV/UTV Oil Change Kits: Maximum Protection & Convenience

Convenience + Protection

Change oil in your ATV or UTV according to the original equipment manufacturer recommendations for best protection and long engine life. When the time comes, we offer oil-change kits for most Polaris* and Can-Am* machines. They offer the perfect combination of AMSOIL protection and convenience.

  • Protection for demanding chores and tough terrain
  • Superior all-weather performance
  • Wet-clutch compatibility
  • Fightsrust & corrosion 

ATV or UTV Kit


AMSOIL ATV/UTV Oil Change Kits for Polaris machines include the following:

ATV or UTV Kit


AMSOIL ATV/UTV Oil Change Kits for Can-Am machines include the following:

To find the correct ATV/UTV Oil Change Kit for your machine, consult the appropriate AMSOIL Product Guide.

Find AMSOIL Oil Change Kit for My ATV

Find AMSOIL Oil Change Kit for My UTV

UTV Plowing Snow

Why upgrade ATV/UTV protection?

Enthusiasts often add a winch, plow, skid plates and other accessories designed to boost productivity.  Plus, how often do you haul a heavy load or pull a loaded trailer? 

This adds weight and stress, and a good rule of thumb is that extra weight and stress equal extra heat.

Heat, in turn, causes lubricants to break down sooner, which places your engine at risk of wear.

UTV Desert

How heat degrades motor oil

The oil’s primary job is to prevent wear. High heat from the stress you place on your machine, however, can cause oils formulated for standard service to become thinner (lose viscosity). Oil that has lost viscosity can fail to develop an oil film of adequate thickness to protect against wear. 

Plus, high heat invites sludge and performance-robbing deposits. Sludge can clog oil passages and starve the engine of oil, while deposits can cause the piston rings to stick or interfere with proper valve operation, leading to reduced engine compression.

Since compression equals power, over time your engine can make less power, limiting your ability to ride or work as effectively as possible.

Upgrade to synthetic lubricants

What’s the solution? Ride more conservatively? Haul lighter loads and work less? 

Never. Upgrade to high-quality AMSOIL synthetic ATV/UTV lubricants, especially if you’ve modified your machine for greater power or productivity.

They don’t contain impurities inherent to conventional lubricants, meaning they deliver better performance and last longer. Their naturally tough base oils resist extreme heat and maintain a strong protective film better than conventional products.

Check out the video to see for yourself.

Think of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants as another performance upgrade. Most riders think little of dropping a few hundred dollars to boost the power or productivity of their machines. Over the course of its life, the few extra dollars you spend per oil change is a drop in the bucket by comparison.

*Polaris and Can-Am own the trademark rights of Polaris and Can-Am. No affiliation or endorsement claim, express or implied, is made by their use.

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