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10W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil

Product code : ASEQT-EA

Commercial Grade

Formulated to outperform passenger-car/light-truck oils, AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil protects against wear, deposits and oil consumption in over-worked, under-maintained small engines professionals rely on to make a living.

Formulated to outperform passenger-car/light-truck oils, AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil protects against wear, deposits and oil consumption in over-worked, under-maintained small engines professionals rely on to make a living.

10W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil

Engine dependability is vital to running a profitable business, yet most small-engine oils we've tested are nothing more than re-labeled automotive oils, which are formulated with fuel economy in mind, not durability. That won't cut it. Compared to liquid-cooled automotive engines, small engines run hotter; operate under constant load; generate more oil-damaging contaminants; suffer from neglected maintenance and are exposed to dirt, rain, snow and other extremes. Simply put, they're far tougher on oil that most people think.

AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil isn't merely a re-badged automotive oil. Instead, we designed it from the ground up specifically for small-engine dependability. You can rest assured your engines are protected even during periods of extended use when there's no time for scheduled maintenance. It's built to solve the problems that plague small engines, including wear, power loss, oil consumption, stuck rings and valves, and harmful carbon deposits. It helps landscapers, contractors and other professionals get more work done and save money.

Excellent Wear Protection
AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is a shear-stable, high-film-strength formulation fortified with a heavy dose of zinc anti-wear additives. It does not thin out due to mechanical shear, ensuring a thick lubricating film. Its zinc chemistry forms a durable barrier that protects against metal-to-metal contact.

Piston and rings

Reduces Oil Consumption
In lab testing 10W-30 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil reduced oil consumption 61 percent compared to three leading 10W-30/SAE 30 motor oils**. Its heat-resistant synthetic base oils provide low volatility, excellent viscosity stability and strong oxidation resistance. Engines run longer between top-offs, providing peace of mind that they won't fail due to oil starvation and will run dependably in the harshest conditions.

Formulated for Power
Engine wear, carbon deposits, valve sticking and piston-ring sticking reduce engine power. Synthetic Small-Engine Oil prevents ring and valve sticking while helping eliminate carbon deposits from forming. As a result, engines produce maximum power throughout their service lives, helping you get more work done.

Extreme-Temperature Performance
Synthetic Small-Engine Oil's saturated molecular structure offers outstanding extreme-heat resistance. In addition, we've fortified the oil with potent anti-oxidant additives that provide further resistance to damaging heat. Its powerful detergent additives fight carbon, varnish and sludge to maximize engine life. In extreme cold, the oil's naturally high viscosity index and lack of paraffins (waxes) ensure it remains fluid and flows quickly, providing easier cold-weather starts and fast startup lubrication for reduced wear.

  • Extended drain intervals
  • Helps extend engine life
  • Rust-inhibited

Applications and Recommendations
AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is multifunctional and can be used in gasoline engines, off-road diesel engines and certain transmissions. It doesn't contain friction modifiers and meets JASO wet-clutch standards. It increases convenience and helps prevent misapplication.

Use the appropriate viscosity of Synthetic Small-Engine Oil in applications that require any of the following specifications:

  • API SL, SJ, SH, SG...(Gasoline)
  • API CD, CF (Diesel)
  • JASO MA/MA2, (Wet Clutch)

Use 10W-30 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil in small engines found in (not limited to) mowers (zero-turn, riding, stand-on, push), generators, power washers and other equipment that requires SAE 30 or 10W-30 motor oil, including those made by Briggs & Stratton*, Honda*, Kubota*, Kawasaki*, Kohler*, Tecumseh*, Robin*, Onan*, Wisconsin*, Powertrain*, Yanmar*, Linamar* and Vanguard.

Equipment types include maintenance equipment, tractors, lawn and garden equipment, compactors, pumps, light towers, log splitters, welders, cement mixers and trowels, skid-steers, excavators, rototillers and compressors.

AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is compatible with other conventional and synthetic motor oils. Adding other oils, however, will shorten the oil's life expectancy of AMSOIL motor oils and reduce their performance benefits.

AMSOIL does not support extended drain intervals where oils have been mixed.

Aftermarket oil additives are not recommended for use with AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil.

AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is a long-life formulation that has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to safely exceed OEM drain intervals in the toughest conditions. Extensive severe-service testing proves its ability to provide service life of up to 200 hours/ one year, whichever comes first. It provides an extra measure of protection when equipment goes longer between oil changes than is recommended by the OEM.

AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is Warranty Secure, keeping your factory warranty intact. AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is a high-performance replacement for vehicle manufacturer-branded products and is also backed by the AMSOIL Limited Warranty. For details, visit

Warranty Secure

This product is not expected to cause health concerns when used for the intended applications and according to the recommendations in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). An SDS is available via the Internet at or upon request at (715) 392-7101. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Recycle used oil and bottle.

* All trademarked names and images are the property of their respective owners and may be registered marks in some countries. No affiliation or endorsement claim, express or implied, is made by their use. All products advertised here are developed by AMSOIL for use in the applications shown.

** Based on 125-hour lab tests of small engines using AMSOIL 10W-30 Commercial-Grade Synthetic Small engine Oil and three leading 10W-30/SAE 30 motor oils.

10W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil

10W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil

  • 5
    By  Art,  a  Verified Buyer  on  October 26, 2019
    Use in all my generators , push mowers , power washer , roto tiller , snow blower and Lawn tractor. Engines perform and sound as they did when new. I use nothing but Amsoil in everything that reciprocates or rotates.
  • 5
    By  Steven,  a  Verified Buyer  on  October 23, 2019
    Great stuff. Engine runs better.
  • 5
    I will buy this again
    By  Daniel,  a  Verified Buyer  on  October 02, 2019
    Use this in my zero turn keeps engine clean. I use amsoil in every thing I own.
  • 5
    Yes I will always buy Amsoil
    By  David,  a  Verified Buyer  on  September 24, 2019
    I always used Amsoil in my power sports machines and now I use Amsoil in in all my mowers, wood chipper,power washer etc.
  • 5
    Great Oil
    By  Richard,  a  Verified Buyer  on  September 24, 2019
    I use this oil in all my 4stroke small engines. When I was introduce to this oil I was having a stuck oil ring problem with a riding lawn mower. Using this oil the problem went away saving me a teardown. I ran this mower 26 years before it went to the bone yard.
  • 5
    Best oil ever
    By  Jeff,  a  Verified Buyer  on  September 23, 2019
    Good stuff works well
  • 5
    Exceptional Product
    By  James,  a  Verified Buyer  on  September 23, 2019
    This small engine oil is exceptional! I maintain two gas lawn mowers and they both have new life due to this super oil! One for my home and the other on a lake property. The lake property is large and quite dusty ??
  • 5
    I use Amsoil in every motor I have.
    By  Marc,  a  Verified Buyer  on  September 09, 2019
    I am using this in a riding mower and a push mower. After an oil change, the motors have run smoother and quitter then on the oil that was previously in it. The engines run a little cooler as well. The noise level has reduced and the motors have smoothed out. I am also running Amsoil in my Can Am and find the same results in that motor as well. Even my wife can hear the difference in the motors.
  • 5
    I use this in every small engine I have.
    By  Dean,  a  Verified Buyer  on  September 03, 2019
    From weed eaters to mowers to generators, this is the only oil I use. These engines sit for days then get run hard for hours. AMSOIL protects the internals during both.
  • 5
    Great product
    By  Arnold,  a  Verified Buyer  on  September 01, 2019
    Great product. We have older mowers and keeps them running with no problems.