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AMSOIL: ISO 9001:2015 Registered
AMSOIL: ISO 9001:2015 Registered ISO 9001:2015 - Another Quality Milestone AMSOIL has long been committed to excellence and has a documented history of innovation and leadership.  AMSOIL was the: First to develop an API-rated 100 percent synthetic motor oil. First to introduce the concept of 'extended drain intervals' with a recommended 25,000-mile/1-year drain interval. First U.S. company to use the NOACK volatility test as a standard of performance excellence. First to produce synthetic motor oils for diesel engines, racing engines, turbo and marine engines. First to manufacture synthetic gear lube for automotive use. First to manufacture a 100:1 pre-mix synthetic 2-cycle oil. First to ...
Become a Dealer
BECOME AN AMSOIL DEALER START YOUR OWN BUSINESS AMSOIL products are sold through independent Dealers – people willing to invest time and effort into building a successful business. AMSOIL provides training materials, administrative assistance, technical support and everything needed to build a successful Dealership. Own your own business, be your own boss and earn extra income. Start Now    Request Information DEALER QUICK-START KIT As a new AMSOIL Dealer, you'll receive a Dealer Kit featuring the Dealer Quick-Start Guide (G3472), a straight-forward, easy-to-read manual providing clear direction for starting and building your business. The kit also features product samples, allowing you t...
About Us AMSOIL specializes in developing synthetic lubricants that offer innovative answers to the greatest challenges vehicles and equipment present. The extraordinary performance of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in a range of markets – automotive, powersports, industrial, racing and more – has made our influence in the industry unmistakable and our brand highly respected. Our commitment to innovation has resulted in legions of brand-loyal customers.   'Dream About Something! Go ahead!' 'I DREAMED ABOUT BEING SUCCESSFUL WITH THIS SYNTHETIC OIL!' AMSOIL INC. Founder Al Amatuzio Ahead of Our Time AMSOIL founder and industry pioneer Al Amatuzio built his company on the same principles that d...
Glossary of Acronyms and Common Terms
Glossary of Acronyms and Common Terms Alphabetical Index A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T V W Z ACRONYMS ACEA - Association of European Automotive Manufacturers AGMA - American Gear Manufacturers Association API - American Petroleum Institute ASLE - American Society of Lubrication Engineers ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials BPT - Borderline Pumping Temperature BTU - British Thermal Unit CARB - California Air Resources Board CCS - Cold Crank Simulator CEC - Conseil Europen de Coordination pour les CMA - Chemical Manufacturers Association cP - CentiPoise cSt - CentiStoke COC - Cleveland Open Cup DIN - Deutsche Industrie No...
AMSOIL Shock Fluids Replace These Products
AMSOIL Shock Fluids Replace These Products Shock Therapy® Light #5 Suspension Fluid (STL) Bel-Ray* Fork 5W Bel-Ray HVI Racing Suspension Fluid 3W Bel-Ray HVI Racing Suspension Fluid 5W Bilstein* Bilmst 3030KYB Fuchs Silkolene* Pro RSF Golden Spectro* Very Light Klotz* 5W KYB* KYB K2C Maxima* 75-390 Racing Shock Fluid Light 3 wt. Maxima 85-150 Racing Fork Fluid 5W Maxima Shock Fluid Ohlins* Fork #5 PJ1* Fork Oil Pro Circuit* PC-01 Fork Fluid Pro Circuit PC-02 Racing Shock Fluid Pro Honda* High Performance SS-25 Shock Oil Race Tech* Light Race Tech US-1 Ultra Slick Shock Fluid 2.5-5 wt. RaceTech USF-05 Ultra Slick Fork Fluid 5W Redline* Light RI* Suspension Fluid Ryde FX* Slide Shock Oil Sh...
Why AMSOIL? American Innovation As one of a few independently owned oil companies, we’ve always stood apart from the big oil companies. We maintain the freedom to formulate products based on performance, not price. The result is a complete product line of full-synthetic lubricants that helps you push the limits of vehicle performance, power and speed.Learn More Send me a free catalog. Checkout our full product line in our latest factory-direct catalog. Get a Catalog Exclusive Distribution Find out why AMSOIL products are distributed exclusively through Independent AMSOIL Dealers. Learn More Why Synthetic Oil? AMSOIL synthetic lubricants deliver wear protection, engine cleanliness and fuel...
AMSOIL Safety Data Sheets
AMSOIL Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Contact [email protected] if you're looking for a specific SDS that is not available on this page. PRODUCT CODE - NAME US - SDS CANADA MSDS ABC - Semi- Synthetic Bar & Chain Oil ACB - Diesel Cetane Boost ACD - SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil ACLSC - Chain Lube - Aerosol N/A in Canada ADA – Slip Lock® Limited-Slip Additive ADB – Diesel All-In-One ADD – Diesel Cold Flow ADF - Diesel Injector Clean ADG - Heavy-Duty Degreaser ADO - SAE 5W-40 Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil ADN - SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil ADSP - SAE 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil ADSP - Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost AED – Engine Degreaser N/A in Can...
AMSOIL Warranty
AMSOIL Warranty Runs on Freedom® In America, the federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act protects your freedom to choose the brand of parts and lubricants you think is best. It also protects your right to extend oil-change intervals beyond what's given in your owner's manual without fear of voiding your factory warranty. Watch the video Get Your Free Decal Get the Facts About Your Rights Maybe you've heard of motorcycle, UTV, snowmobile or other dealerships pressuring people into buying the manufacturer's brand of parts or lubricants to avoid losing their factory warranty. If it's happened to you, it probably left a bad taste in your mouth. That's because no one likes to be told what to buy. A...
Performance Tests Archive
AMSOIL Performance Test Archive This archive contains a historical record of AMSOIL performance tests and technical studies that are now obsolete and may not be representative of oils currently on the marketplace. The test results posted in this section reflect properties of oils available for purchase at the time of testing. The test results do not reflect properties of those oils reformulated subsequent to testing. Therefore, these publications are not available for download or distribution. AMSOIL P.i. - A Study in Performance (G2543) 8-page 4-color brochure detailing performance testing of AMSOIL P.i. Double-Length Sequence IIIG Engine Test Study (G3320) An evaluation of AMSOIL Signat...
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions Purchasing AMSOIL Products How can I purchase AMSOIL products? Answer: Order through the AMSOIL Online Store, call 1-800-777-7094 or find a local Dealer. Become a Preferred Customer and purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost, which is approximately 25 percent less than retail price. How can I locate an AMSOIL Dealer? Answer: Use the online AMSOIL Dealer Locator. How long have AMSOIL lubricants been on the market? Answer: AMSOIL products have been available since 1972, when AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil became the first synthetic motor oil to meet American Petroleum Institute (API) service requirements. Today, AMSOIL manufactures synthetic lubricants for ...
Dirt Bike
Delivers Confident Clutch Feel Taking the holeshot or getting out front on the trail requires confidence in your bike. AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil delivers excellent clutch feel and engine protection. It’s designed to maximize the performance of both bike and rider. Find Products Find Products For Your Vehicle Choose the Best Oil & Keep Your Warranty Intact While ATV/UTV manufacturers may be experts at building all-terrain vehicles, none of them can match AMSOIL expertise when it comes to formulating synthetic oils. AMSOIL synthetic ATV/UTV oil is Warranty Secure®, keeping your factory warranty intact. It’s an outstanding choice for Polaris*, Can-Am*, Arctic Cat-*, Yamaha*, Honda* or o...
Business Opportunities
AMSOIL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Make money selling AMSOIL products through your own independent Dealership, boost profits selling AMSOIL products in your retail store/shop or save money on AMSOIL products for qualified commercial businesses. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS AMSOIL products are sold through independent Dealers – people willing to invest time and effort into building a successful business. Dealers resell AMSOIL products and earn profits and commissions. Own your own business, be your own boss and earn extra income. LEARN MORE SELL IN YOUR STORE Retail accounts are retail outlets, such as auto parts stores, powersports dealerships, auto service centers and convenience stores, that stoc...
Bypass Filter Installations
Bypass Filter Installations Submitted by AMSOIL Dealers and Customers Industrial Applications 2008 John Deere 7630 Tractor (pdf 125k) Heavy-Duty Applications 2010 IH Trans Star 8600 SBA 6 X 4 Cummins ISX (130k PDF) Car Applications 2008 Chevrolet Malibu (pdf 110k) BMW 325i (pdf 164k) 1981 BMW 528i (213k PDF) Truck and SUV Applications 2007 Chevrolet 6.6L Duramax (330k PDF) 2010 Toyota Tacoma (pdf 149k) 2009 Dodge Ram (118k PDF) 2008 Ford Expedition (pdf 154) 2008 GMC 2500 HD Duramax (114k PDF) 2008 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab (950k PDF) 2007 Chevy 2500 HD Silverado Classic (pdf 233k) 2007 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Diesel (pdf 79k) 2007 Ford F-350 Crew Cab Dually (315k PDF) 2005 Chevrolet Sil...
Bypass Filter Parts List
Bypass Filter Parts List PART NUMBER ITEM DESCRIPTION USAGE ITEM PHOTO BK13 Assembly, Oil Sample Petcock BMK22, 23, 26, 27, 28 BK21 Elbow, 90-degree, 7/8"-14 JIC to 7/8"-14 JIC BMK23, 26, 27, 28 BK22 Fitting, 45-degree, 7/8"-14 JIC to 7/8"-14 JIC BMK23, 26, 27, 28 BK30 Kit, Oil Sample Valve BMK30 BK295 Assembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 3/4" - 16 BMK23 BK296 Assembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 13/16" - 16 BMK23 BK297 Assembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 18mm - 1.5 BMK23 BK299 Assembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 22mm - 1.5 BMK23 BK300 Assembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 1" - 16 BMK23, 28 BK301 Assembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 1.5" - 16 BMK23, 26 BK302 Assem...
Synthetic versus Conventional
Synthetic vs. Conventional Differences begin at the molecular level Although you might know that synthetic oils outperform conventional oils, you might not understand why. Synthetics don’t contain the impurities and molecular irregularities inherent to conventional oils. Synthetics’ pure, uniform molecular structures impart properties that provide wear protection, extreme temperature performance and fuel efficiency conventional lubricants just can’t touch – all of which helps you save money with vehicles that run better and last longer. Engine Protection Only a microscopic film of oil separates metal surfaces in your engine from touching and causing wear. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils form ...
Protection Boosted to the Max You’re not tooling around town in a short-box whose heaviest load was that one time you went too far at the local wholesale club – you’re in a diesel. It’s raw power, and whether you’re impressing your buddies or towing the work trailer, you need every ft.-lb. of torque. Pushing your pickup to perform might be a natural side-effect of sitting in the driver’s seat, but it also puts a lot of stress on your engine. And let’s face it – they aren’t giving these things away. Your investment deserves a diesel oil that’s up to the challenge. Your investment deserves AMSOIL. Find Products For Your Vehicle Proven Protection Excessive wear to diesel cylinder liners and ...
Exclusive Distribution
Exclusive Distribution Why are AMSOIL Products Distributed Exclusively Through Independent AMSOIL Dealers? American Ideals AMSOIL INC. was founded on the American ideals of independence and entrepreneurship. From a one-person operation based in a small garage, our founder, Al Amatuzio worked tirelessly to build a company devoted to helping our customers maximize the protection and performance of their vehicles. Loyalty AMSOIL Dealers embody our spirit of entrepreneurship, and we wouldn’t be here without them. When we introduced the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972, it languished on store shelves next to its much cheaper conventional-oil counterparts. Consumers hadn’...
NMMA FC-W Rust Test
NMMA FC-W Rust Test Test results describe and represent properties of oils that were acquired on the dates listed in Table 1. Results do not apply to any subsequent reformulations of such oils or to new oils introduced after completion of testing. All oils were available to consumers at the time of purchase. Testing was completed in November 2017. Table 1 Oil Tested     Oil Batch Code Date Purchased AMSOIL Signature Series 15W-40 97115  092017 N/A Lucas* 15W-40 Magnum  17261  I710:08 10/27/2017 Schaeffers* Durability Advantage 15W-40 No batch code printed on bottle 10/18/2017 Shell*  Rotella T4 15W-40  11057421 U002-4 05Jul17 17:40 10/17/2017 Mobil* Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40 OEV17H24A B 08...
Product Guides
Product Guides FIND PRODUCTS FOR YOUR VEHICLE Filter Guides Vintage Vehicle Filter Lookup Heavy-Duty Filter Lookup Small-Engine Filter Lookup Cross-Reference Guides Master Filter Cross-Reference Guide Harley-Davidson/AMSOIL Oil Chart and Cross Reference Performance Tests View Results Vehicle Identification Where to Find Your VIN Code VIN Number Decoding List of Common Vehicle Abbreviations Installation Instructions WIX Cabin Air Filter Install Instructions MANN Cabin Air Filter Install Instructions
Harley-Davidson Guide Don’t Just Choose Any Oil. Make it Official. The superior protection and performance of AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is recognized by the largest and most influential motorcycle rallies in the nation. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Daytona Bike Week, Laconia Motorcycle Week, Biketoberfest and the Lone Star Rally all proudly feature AMSOIL as their Official Oil. AMSOIL shares your passion for riding. From the kickoff to the motorcycle season in Daytona to the year’s closing rally in Galveston, AMSOIL is proud to lend its support to the motorcycle lifestyle. Flathead Best Secondary Engine SAE 60 20W-50 Transmission SAE 60 MVT Synthetic V-Twin Transmission Fluid Knuck...