AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program



Premium Synthetic Lubricants for Commercial Vehicles
Owning an independent business requires knowing how to balance time on the job, doing the paperwork and managing or performing maintenance on your equipment. It takes an edge to get it all done and still have some time left on the clock for yourself.

AMSOIL provides that edge. We engineer products with built in protection to keep trucks and equipment on the job longer, reducing maintenance costs. We also offer a free maintenance tracking tool, MyAMSOILGarage, that frees up your time to focus on other important tasks. The result is you become more productive and profitable.

Truck Lubricants

Keeping trucks on the job longer means putting more money into your pocket. AMSOIL supports this goal by extending truck life and reducing maintenance costs. Our synthetic oil technology is engineered to provide above-and-beyond protection that conventional lubricants just can’t match.


Power Equipment Lubricants

Your power equipment is critical to getting the job done quickly. AMSOIL products provide reliable power that maximizes your crew’s efficiency and your profits. Our commercial-equipment lubricants are specifically engineered for small engines. They effectively fight carbon build-up and wear, while cooling hot equipment.


Cut Two-Stroke Maintenance Costs


  • Convenience of one mix ratio for all equipment
  • Cost cuts of 50% or more
  • Clean, protected power


Florida Landscaper Boosts Performance and Saves Money
B&M Landscape Concepts Inc. of Orlando, Fla. has been providing custom, commercial landscape services for more than 20 years. See how Fleet Manager Tim Strickland relies on AMSOIL products for improved equipment performance and minimal downtime.