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Power Equipment

Power Equipment

Power Equipment Lubricants and Fuel Additives
You invested in more power to generate greater efficiency and profits. Loss of power and performance frustrates your crew and erodes your investment. AMSOIL provides lubricants specifically engineered for small engines using bulletproof synthetic technology to fight power-robbing carbon build-up on valves and rings and protect against piston wear, all while aiding engine cooling.

Mower and Compact-Equipment Lubricants

Your business relies on its zero-turn mowers and compact equipment to get the job done. Downtime for maintenance and repairs cuts into your efficiency and profit margins. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants effectively reduce downtime and repairs while extending equipment life


Blowers, String Trimmers and Chainsaws

AMSOIL SABER Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil delivers the convenience of one mix ratio for all your blowers, trimmers, saws and other two-stroke equipment. At a 100:1 mix ratio, SABER Professional cuts oil costs 50 percent or more, while fighting carbon buildup and power loss, ensuring your equipment starts easily, runs strong and helps your crew complete jobs on time and up to standards.



Chainsaw Artist Relies on AMSOIL
Description: Prior to using AMSOIL SABER Professional, Soderlund's Wood Mill was cleaning the exhaust ports on its chainsaws regularly. Since switching to AMSOIL, they haven't had to clean them.


How AMSOIL Synthetic Oils and Fuel Additives Protect Your Investment

The intense environment found in commercial power-equipment engines can quickly break down oil, leading to component wear. AMSOIL synthetic power-equipment oils and fuel additives resist thermal degradation better than conventional oils. They guard against wear and deposits for long-lasting protection, delivering peace of mind that your equipment is protected in the toughest conditions.

Preserve power and get more done
Running mowers and other equipment all day, every day in hot, dirty, dusty environments can lead to deposits, ring sticking and wear that reduce engine compression, robbing the engine of power. Over time, mowers become less efficient, require more maintenance and eventually wear out altogether.

AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil is designed with premium anti-wear and detergent additives to fight wear and deposits. It helps preserve engine power so you can get more work done.

High-Performance Diesel Protection
AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil provides excellent protection and performance in diesel engines. It exceeds the higher performance demands of modern engines and withstands the stress of heat, soot and acids to help prevent deposits, wear and corrosion.

AMSOIL Zero-Turn Synthetic Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid’s high-zinc formula fights wear and resists thinning, helping maintain mower speed and responsiveness better than motor oils. It lasts up to 2x original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations, helping professionals save money and reduce downtime.

LandCare Innovations Minimizes Repairs With AMSOIL Products
Learn why Maintenance Manager Tim Wilson relies on AMSOIL products to minimize repairs and operating expenses.