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Cut Two-Stroke Oil Costs

Cut Two-Stroke Oil Costs

Using AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil at 100:1 is not only convenient, it cuts the amount of money you spend on oil by 50 percent or more compared to 50:1 mix ratios. For example, Duluth Lawn Care Service Co. cut its oil costs 65% using SABER Professional compared to the costs they would have paid using Stihl® Ultra® 2-Cycle Oil at 50:1. Plus, SABER Professional delivered clean, protected power for maximum efficiency.

Not interested in using less oil? SABER Professional works great at 50:1, too.

Save 50% or More on Oil
Save 50% or More on Oil
SABER Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil Delivers
Saber Bottle


  • Convenience of one mix ratio for all equipment
  • Cost cuts of 50% or more
  • Clean, protected power
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Carbon Robs Power. SABER Fights Carbon.
Saber fights Carbon

Carbon buildup severely affects two-stroke equipment, plugging arrestor screens and exhaust ports. The end result is hard-starting, power loss, smoke and rough-running.

SABER Professional Synthetic 2-STroke Oil Delivers

Duluth Lawn Care Service used SABER Professional mixed at 100:1 in three Stihl® trimmers for a total of 1,898 hours. The results were clear. SABER Professional virtually eliminated power-robbing carbon and wear.

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