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Whether it’s tuned for speed, modified for power or just immaculately maintained, you’ve made this vehicle your own. Now choose the right level of protection. From classic muscle to European sophistication and everything in between, there is a synthetic motor oil designed for your car or truck. Our specialty lubricants are tailored to precise requirements of protection and performance.


Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil

For those whose passion for their vehicle isn’t limited by minimum standards. Signature Series pushes the boundaries of lubrication technology to deliver protection and performance far past industry standards.

  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Maximum cleanliness
  • Exceptional extreme-temperature protection
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XL Synthetic Motor Oil - Boosted Engine Protection

Geared toward those who want to do something extra for their vehicle at the next oil change. XL Synthetic Motor Oil helps vehicles maintain like-new performance.

  • Boosted cleaning power
  • Protects against wear
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OE Synthetic Motor Oil - Advanced Engine Protection

Favored by mechanics and drivers seeking peace-of-mind protection and exceptional value in synthetic motor oil. It carries the leading industry approval found in your owner’s manual.

  • Fights sludge and deposits
  • Protection to cover longer oil life monitor drain intervals
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European Car Formula Synthetic Motor Oil - European Vehicles

The ideal choice for drivers seeking the highest level of protection for their sophisticated gasoline or diesel European vehicle. It meets crucial specifications and carries approvals by leading manufacturers, including Porsche*, BMW*, Volkswagen* and Audi*.

  • Excellent for turbochargers
  • Protects emissions systems
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Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil - High Zinc - Classic Vehicles

For classic-car enthusiasts who want protection for their vehicle on the street and during storage. Z-ROD protects flat-tappet cams, lifters and rockers from wear with high levels of zinc and phosphorus (ZDDP) not found in most modern motor oils.

  • Protects flat-tappet camshafts
  • Provides long-term protection from rust and corrosion
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