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Engine Builders Love AMSOIL

Preventing Engine Deposits

Dedicated engine builders and mechanics put in long hours every day, honing their craft. These architects of powerful, high-performance engines turn to AMSOIL synthetic motor oil to protect their passion.

Daniel Boshears, engine builder and Chief Mechanic at the Wellborn Musclecar Museum, is responsible for keeping dozens of iconic vehicles in top shape. The museum showcases the greatest American automobiles of the 1960s and 1970s and houses the nation’s largest high-performance Dodge collection.


More Power, Less Worry

Hear why engine builder Brett Bowers trusts AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in his engines.


Supporting Your Passion for Cars

AMSOIL supports automotive enthusiasts and the motorsports community. We’re proud to be involved with Carlisle Events, SEMA, Engine Masters, PRI and USAC Racing.


A Company of Enthusiasts

"It's a passion. You find one that makes you happy, that makes you calm. It gives you satisfaction. For me, it’s engines."
Len Groom – AMSOIL Technical Product Manager-Powersports

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Other Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil