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Professional engine builders and owners of competition-grade trucks are the toughest critics when it comes to anything that goes into their builds. AMSOIL has earned the trust of these professionals by delivering dynamic synthetic lubricants capable of protecting the most sophisticated diesel engines. These same lubricants are available to you

Lavon Miller of Firepunk Diesel specializes in diesel performance, performing everything from basic modifications to complete builds. He won the Diesel Power Challenge two years in a row before winning the Ultimate Callout Challenge in 2016.


"Competition drives innovation. And to stay on that level, you have to stay on top of the game. You have to keep testing parts, pushing stuff to the next level.

With AMSOIL products, we run the Severe Gear® Gear Oil in the front and rear differentials. We run the Transmission Fluid in the transmission. In comparison to just running some of the standard fluids, we see better heat distribution in the bearings and in the steels on an extreme application.

And also the oil analysis has looked really good coming back from the engine in running the AMSOIL products."

Supporting Your Passion for Diesel

AMSOIL supports diesel enthusiasts and diesel competition. As the Exclusive Official Oil of the Diesel Power Challenge and the Ultimate Callout Challenge, AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils keep powerful turbodiesel trucks protected and running at peak performance throughout the intense, high-heat conditions of competition.

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Your vehicles and equipment aren’t just a way from point A to point B. They’re part of who you are. They define you. So it is with us. We’re engineers, chemists and manufacturers. But we’re also racers, gearheads and thrill-seekers. Like you, we’re at our best when working on our vehicles, fine-tuning their performance or cruising down the highway.

Our time behind the wheel and under the hood helps us experience firsthand the toll power, speed and performance take on engines. That’s why we formulate AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in our chemical and mechanical labs to push the boundaries of performance. Because our products not only have to protect our vehicles, they have to protect yours.