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More Built-In Protection

Turbocharged Protection

Operating at up to 150,000 rpm in temperatures that exceed 1,000°F, a turbocharger on a stock engine can dish out a lot of punishment to your oil. If it’s not formulated to take the beating, the oil can break down, creating deposits and wear. For some, stock engines don’t provide enough power, but dropping a tune on your engine puts even more stress on both your turbo and your oil.

Top-Grade Protection Against Deposits

Up to 60% CleanerDeposits caused by high turbo temperatures can lead to a host of problems, the most critical of which is bearing failure. Hot exhaust gases spin the turbine and expose that bearing to extreme heat. Your oil has to be up to the task of effectively removing heat from the bearing while providing proper lubrication to keep it spinning at high rpm. When your oil breaks down, excessive deposits form on the bearing and shaft that lead to a downward spiral for the longevity and effectiveness of your turbo.

Premium SyntheticsAMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil is built to withstand the punishment turbos dish out, protecting against deposit formation in extreme temperatures. AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil provides protection boosted to the max, delivering up to 60 percent better turbo cleanliness* and withstanding the extra demands you place on that turbo when pulling heavy loads or updating the tune for maximum horsepower.

We deliver nothing but premium synthetic lubricants designed to help you get the most out of your turbocharged diesel engine.

*Based on specification standards of CAT C13 2nd Ring Top Land Carbon testing.