AMSOIL Commercial Account Testimonial Videos
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AMSOIL Commercial Account Testimonial Videos

AMSOIL commercial accounts include national trucking companies, taxi fleets, police fleets, refuse hauling companies, landscaping businesses and more. View each video below to see how some have realized significant cost savings using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.

 minus Testimonial from AMSOIL Commercial Account: Foster Trucking


Jeff Foster Trucking operates more than 200 over-the-road trucks that crisscross North America. The company realizes significant cost savings using AMSOIL synthetic drivetrain lubricants due to increased fuel economy, extended drain intervals and reduced time spent performing maintenance.

 minus Testimonial from AMSOIL Commercial Account: Courtesy Cab


Courtesy Cab has gone from changing oil in its taxi fleet every 2,000 miles using conventional oil to as long as 22,000 miles using AMSOIL synthetic motor oil and oil analysis. Extending its drain intervals allows the company to keep its taxis on the road earning money.

 minus Testimonial from AMSOIL Commercial Account: Nordic Waste


Nordic Waste operates a fleet of severe-service refuse haulers that can be brutal on motor oil. Switching from conventional oil to AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil, the company's trucks receive increased wear protection and start readily on cold mornings. AMSOIL synthetic hydraulic fluid has also improved operability, particularly in winter.

 minus Testimonial from AMSOIL Commercial Account: Guardian Pest Solutions


Guardian Pest Solutions' fleet of service vehicles travels millions of miles each year. Using AMSOIL synthetic motor oil increases fuel economy for maximum savings, while practicing extended drain intervals allows vehicles to remain in the field longer, reducing money lost to downtime.