Retail Account Application

Retail accounts are businesses that operate out of a storefront or outlet with public access for customers. The business must also sell associated merchandise at retail prices or provide product as part of service. Retail accounts cannot resell AMSOIL products online or through retail catalogs.

Examples of Industries We Serve

  • Auto Parts & Hardware Stores

  • Powersports Stores

  • Full-Service Garages

  • Quick Lubes

  • Powersports Dealers

  • Auto Dealers

Retail accounts buy AMSOIL products at wholesale prices and are eligible for special freight and payment terms. All retail accounts qualify for co-op advertising support based on the amount of AMSOIL products purchased. Qualified retail accounts can also appear on the AMSOIL locator at

Note: This application will not immediately result in an AMSOIL Retail Account. New requests will be processed for businesses that can be substantiated by internet and industry research.

Fill out and submit the following information. An AMSOIL account representative will contact you within two business days.

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Tax Exemption

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Whole Saler
General description of tangible property or taxable services to be purchased from the seller:
All Products Available for Sale by AMSOIL INC.
The following states require state specific forms: Alaska, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming.Please refer to your states specific tax exempt form.
Please provide the State Registration Seller’s Permit or I.D. Number or Purchaser for the state in which you are registered.
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Credit Application


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I affirm that I am authorized by the above-named business to establish an account for the purpose of purchasing AMSOIL products. I understand that approval of an account will entitle this business to sell or install AMSOIL products through physical retail outlets. I understand that AMSOIL products cannot be sold through, nor may prices be published in, internet websites or printed catalogs. I also agree to receive AMSOIL email updates, including the AMSOIL Service Line (at no additional cost).