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We’re so confident AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil will protect your sled that we back it with our Runs on Freedom Limited Snowmobile Warranty.

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Exceptional Wear Protection

We tested AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR in a rental Polaris* Pro RMK* 850 ridden all winter in the mountains of British Columbia. An engine teardown afterward showed INTERCEPTOR prevented piston-ring sticking, piston scuffing and exhaust-power-valve sticking.

Better Cold Flow

After 12 hours at -40°F, AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR remained fluid and provided exceptional cold flow.

Enthusiasts Love AMSOIL

"I’ve been using INTERCEPTOR since day one in all our snowmobiles and dirt bikes and have never had an issue! When our engines are torn down to refresh, everything looks like the day it was installed."

Will, Verified Buyer


AMSOIL synthetic snowmobile oil provides protection and peace of mind so you can push your sled to the limit in the coldest temperatures, no matter what brand you ride.



Use AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR and register for the AMSOIL Runs on Freedom Limited Snowmobile Warranty. You’ll get maximum protection for your sled and maximum peace of mind for yourself.

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