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Commercial Mowers

Commercial Mowers

Your reputation and bottom line are built on quickly delivering professional-looking lawns.

AMSOIL synthetic oils are engineered to preserve the power and response you need to rapidly produce clean cuts in the heaviest turf. They extend the life of your zero-turn mower by resisting thermal breakdown that can lead to wear and carbon deposits that compromise power and response.

Commercial Mower Oils
Synthetic Tractor/Hydraulic Transmission Oil
  • Fights heat and deposits
  • Preserves power
  • Reduces oil consumption
Synthetic Tractor/Hydraulic Transmission Oil
  • Fights heat and deposits
  • Preserves power
  • Reduces oil consumption
Synthetic Lubricants for Hydrostatic Transmissions Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil
  • 20W-50 viscosity
  • Zinc anti-wear additives for maximum protection
  • Fights varnish and heat for smooth operation
  • Some transmissions may require hydraulic oil
Spindle Bearing & Fitting Lubrication

Your zero-turn mower has many key components exposed to wet environments and requires grease specially formulated to handle the job. AMSOIL Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease protects components under heavy loads and in wet conditions from metal-to-metal contact, reducing the need for more frequent greasing.

Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease
  • Formulated for wet-duty performance
  • Exceptional film strength
  • Outstanding load-carrying and EP performance
Featured Metal Protectors for Compact Equipment

While working in wet environments, the metal on your equipment is subjected to rust and corrosion. AMSOIL metal protectors displace moisture and help protect against rust and corrosion, ensuring your components are well-lubricated and protected.

  • Protect mower decks, wheel wells and truck beds against corrosion with a dry, (wax-like) protective film
  • Does not sling off, for long-lasting protection
  • Penetrates existing rust buildup in hinges and squeaky mechanical objects without gumming up
  • Product of choice for drying and protecting electrical and ignition systems
Fuel Additives for Zero-Turn Mowers

Degraded fuel presents a major maintenance issue in zero-turn engines. It can form varnish, gum and insoluble debris that builds up and leads to pre-ignition, rough idling and poor throttle response.

  • Cleans fuel-system components
  • Addresses ethanol-related performance issues
  • Helps prevent water separation
Oil Filters for Zero-Turn Mowers

Smaller wear particles can slowly kill an engine over time. AMSOIL Ea® Oil Filters optimize filtration efficiency and particle capture. Use with AMSOIL synthetic lubricants for the ultimate defense against wear.

Oil Filters
  • Trap and hold more contaminants
  • Help reduce engine wear
  • Allow flexible service intervals


Zero-Turn Mower Lubricants

Four-stroke engines found in commercial zero-turn mowers present an intense environment that can quickly break down motor oil, leading to component wear (especially in daily-use equipment). Grass, leaves, dirt, dust and other debris block the intake and clog air filters, making your engine run even hotter. AMSOIL commercial lawnmower oils deliver exceptional protection against excessive heat, resisting thermal degradation better than conventional oils. They guard against wear and deposits for long-lasting protection, delivering peace of mind that your mowers are protected in the toughest conditions.

Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Small Engine Oil Product ImageOutstanding protection for hot-operating engines
AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil’s tough formulation protects against wear, heat and carbon deposits, outperforming conventional oils. It’s designed to maintain power and promote long equipment life for professionals who depend on small engines to make a living.

AMSOIL 20W-50 Zero-Turn Synthetic Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid’s high-zinc formula fights wear and resists thinning, helping maintain mower speed and responsiveness better than motor oils.

Commercial zero-turn casters and wheel bearings require regular greasing to ensure they are adequately protected. Zero-turns are repeatedly exposed to water and dirt. AMSOIL Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease resists washout and degradation while providing excellent protection.

Timberline Landscaping Switched to AMSOIL
"Since making the switch to AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, we’ve successfully doubled the life of our zero-turn mowers, going from a three- to four-year life span to a six- to seven-year life span." Tim Emick, Timberline Landscaping