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You’re not tooling around town in a short-box whose heaviest load was that one time you went too far at the local wholesale club – you’re in a diesel. It’s raw power and whether you’re impressing your buddies or towing the work trailer, you need every ft.-lb. of torque. Pushing your pickup to perform might be a natural side-effect of sitting in the driver’s seat, but it also puts a lot of stress on your engine. And let’s face it – they aren’t giving these things away. Your investment deserves a diesel oil that’s up to the challenge. Your investment deserves AMSOIL.


We engineer our synthetic diesel oils with the same passion and pride you put into your turbodiesel, providing protection you can depend on in the most severe operating conditions. Jump in and find out more.

6x Protection

Engine Protection

A diesel truck is a serious investment – don’t skimp on protection. AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils provide the ultimate protection for your hard-working diesel engine, preserving the horsepower you crave and keeping you on the road.

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Turbocharged Protection

The extreme heat produced by turbochargers can be brutal on your oil. If your oil fails and your turbos are damaged, you start losing horsepower – or worse. Our synthetic diesel oils are designed to protect your horsepower. We build extra turbo protection into every drop, preserving turbos and delivering reliable horsepower.

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Diesel Testimonial

Why Diesel Enthusiasts Love AMSOIL

"The cam looked great. The tappets looked good. There was no concern with either piece there. The protection is definitely there."
Ben Shadday of Done Right Diesel, following a full racing season running AMSOIL products

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Diesel for Commercial

Diesel for Commercial Applications

AMSOIL products are formulated to keep trucks and equipment on the job longer and reduce maintenance costs.

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